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SOA baby faces! Didn't think Clay could get any uglier but I guess I was wrong..omg!!!

Just had to share, sons of anarchy cast when they were younger!

Community Post: 26 Of The Funniest Moments From Sons Of Anarchy

26 Of The Funniest Moments From Sons Of Anarchy

Relive some of the funnier moments before the finale because criminals have a sense of humor too.

David Labrava, I love him, he makes badass look good, and he still a sweetheart with the boys!!! ❤️

Happy aka David Labrava, I ❤ his character, he makes being a badass look good, but he's really such a sweetheart!

Theo Rossi candid shots. I know I've said it before but isn't he adorable!?!

// ♥ I get to meet Theo in less then 1 month ahhhhh // // // // // Umm, yes please!

Chibs and Juice, this was hard for me to watch even though Juice deserved it

I love him to death but Juice deserved the beating that came to him in this episode. But Chib's cleaning him up afterward made it sting a little less.