This is true but it takes a lot to really anger me.

I wonder if you can gave tendencies toward both INFP (my BMTI) AND INFJ? Plus, sometimes I'm introverted and other times I'm a complete hermit. So I could even be ENFP or ENFJ.

I already know. I can see it all over you. I can hear the dishonesty in your words. I may not know what you’re lying about, I may not know why you’re lying, but whether it’s a dishonest omission, or a naked attempt at deception, I know.

I rather you wound me with the truth, than obliterate me with your lies. Plus you lie to me we are trust with you is shot. Remember this, truth always no matter how painful. But godforsaken is a bit too harsh a term for anyone's life!

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If you have pushed me that far, you deserve the rage. It takes a lot - INFJ

This is who I am, except I can totally focus and block out everything around me to keep my focus.

Infj, especially the ethical part. Sometimes it would be nice to be able to be just as scummy as the person who did you wrong but it's not really an option for an Infj because our moral compasses are so strong we'd hate ourselves afterwards.

Artistic, deep in thought, almost spiritual-in relationships, has to live a meaningful purpose according to intuitive beliefs

Something about this makes me want to cry 003 - Light by Naomi Chen (GunnerRomantic, US): "Half half Photoshop Time spent: Too long. Textures from Mayang and a book of melodramatic Tang poetry.

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My greatest challenge in conversation is not leaping all over the place with what someone has said because I am mentally making so many connections as I listen. classic Traits or Trates lol ;

INFJ..."sometimes you feel like a bottle of contrasting emotion. With every layer, there is a new feeling."

INFP / INFJ "sometimes you feel like a bottle of contrasting emotion. With every layer, there is a new feeling.

"I always seek to serve and relate with those I can elevate, and slam the door on those that must evacuate." INFJ love and door slam

I can't even count the number of people I have fallen completely in love with in this manner.

I still meet lots of people, but the single minded focus. I thought it was a side effect of ADD but apparently it's my type too lol

This makes a lot of sense.

Ah yes - a starry-eyed cynic. I try to be more starry, but under those layers.

Anger and conflict and INFJ  From:

INFJs are especially sensitive to unexpressed anger and conflict, whose presence is usually denied by others.This contributes to the sense of separateness from others. and i really feel this hidden anger sooo much :(((

100% true  I know I can slice with my words which is why I choose to remain silent when my values and space are being compromised ... it takes a lot but once I'm at that point where someone has betrayed me or have dove something harmful, lord help you....

You'll never find a more determined warrior than an INFJ fighting for something they believe in.

INFJ - We can feel the awkward in the room. Give us a second, and we'll tell you who it's coming from. Give us two seconds, and we might even be able to tell you why.

INFJ- sensitive to unexpressed anger - the feelings of others are obvious.INFJs are as close to human empaths as you can get.