Map of Gotham City.

Nolan Gotham Map Gotham The city planners must have been drunk when they mapped this one out.

City of anarchy - Kowloon walled city

Infographic from South China Morning Post article "Kowloon Walled City: Life in the City of Darkness"

Gotham City Map

Cool Stuff: Official Map of Christopher Nolan’s Gotham City – /Film

Best-ever summation of Gotham City:    2003's Planetary/Batman: Night on Earth, Warren Ellis sums Gotham up as "old as New York, founded on the East Coast and originally designed by English masons on opium [...] exacerbated by absinthe-fiend local architects in the twenties, [and] basically not suitable for habitation."

Is Gotham City really in New Jersey?

DC Comics Official Gotham City Map

Map of DC Comic’s Gotham City Home of Batman and Arkham Asylum DC Comics Gotham City Map Story Eliot R.

Map of Beijing, published in 1937. [1800 × 2645]

city map of Beijing, published in Beijing in The map shows a detailed street map of the Chinese Capital, including the city walls, which were torn down in the

Gotham City Map

Gotham City

Gotham City is the home of Batman. Batman's place of residence was first identified as Gotham.

Oh God, I’m geeking out so hard right now

A map of Gotham City in the DC Universe, drawn by Eliot R Brown. This map first appeared in Batman: No Man's Land (Mar with gang territories marked out on it; this cleaner version is from Gotham Batman: City Secret Files (Apr

In DC Comics, stately Wayne Manor is a fictional American setting, the personal residence of Bruce Wayne, who is also Batman.

Artists sketch floorplan of Friends apartments and other famous TV shows

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Spaghetti Gotham - Batman al estilo Spaghetti Western

Map of Gotham

Anyway here’s the best map of Gotham City i will forever love No Man’s Land just cause they sat down and mapped it out it really helps my brain thanks DC Comics

Gotham travel (by Justin Van Genderen)

"Gotham City" poster, referencing Batman, part of the series "Comic Book Travel Posters." Concept by Justin Van Genderen.