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Les Vendredis Tutos avec Pinterest #1 | Marcus Le FicusMarcus Le Ficus

Elise Gravel illustration - Sketchbook - love the simplicity, the cartoon quality, and the color palette.

Shuku Nishi

Whimsical illustrations by Shuku Nishi

I met Shuku Nishi at an illustration party during my trip in Japan and fell in love with her works immediately.

Illustration by Tara O Brien

Whimsical Illustrations by Tara O Brien

Using beautiful color palettes, Tara O Brien celebrates diversity in whimsical imagery of beautiful characters that I would love to meet.

Paintings by Miren Asiain Lora / on the Blog!

Magical Sceneries by Miren Asiain Lora

The magical atmospheres in Miren Asiain Lora's beautiful paintings get me every time I stare at one of works.

David de Las Heras, sueña que te sueña…

David de las Heras // Mundo Volátil Selection of works related to escapism, tightrope walking and any type of transient state.