Metal leg wood bean bench join.

BEAM COFFEE TABLE - Designer Lounge tables from Van Rossum ✓ all information ✓ high-resolution images ✓ CADs ✓ catalogues ✓ contact information.

It's All About You /Fantastic Frank

Gotta love this modern twist on the adjustable stool by Coordination Berlin- the Thread Family series of stools features a seat and thread connected by a


PLET Table by Reinier de Jong

This Plet Table by Rotterdam designer Reinier de Jong is made of recycled strips of acrylic, oak feet and aluminum supports. The slight variations in color and transparency remind me of when I carved alabaster stone in school.

Creative Point of purchase displays and exhibition booths for trade-shows created by inspired by artistic design and architecture. Give us a call at (262) 781-3100 (The image above does not belong to us) Ours are better ;)

Creative Point of purchase displays and exhibition booths for trade-shows…

The f(x) stool by Tak Euy Sung

A great example of how CNC technology is changing the face of traditional joinery //

DIY Shelves Trendy Ideas : Strap shelf deep  1 st

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VASI bench

CHI WING LO is a furniture brand, designed and made in Italy under the close direction of architect Chi Wing Lo.

Woodwork joint

Savor the sturdy strength and simple complexity of this wooden stool's three-legged, pegged joinery! ONE/THIRD - Tim & Tom

Historic redwood burl for custom oyster serving tray.

Love this idea: using epoxy to "square off" the edges of a natural slab of wood, "highlighting the live nature of the wood while preserving modern lines (and easing maintenance).

10530727_597809150335483_5240303834111639825_n.jpg (500×750)

10530727_597809150335483_5240303834111639825_n.jpg (500×750)