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FMA Hohenheim XD<Well actually his name is pronounced as "Vahn" not "Vaan" but the joke is still funny.

My mom just bought a van. I am no longer calling it the van. It shall now be known as the Hohenheim.

What I liked about Brotherhood.

Actually Scar in FMAB. He's way less attractive in Brotherhood tho he was bae material in the 2003 anime<<< exCUSE ME? Brotherhood Scar is WAAAAAY better. And didn't looke like an escaped extra from some sort of Shoujo anime

Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin || anime funny

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Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood   Roy Mustang useless on rainy days

The definition of useless: Roy Mustang in the rain ~ Flame Alchemist my fannie, he's lucky Riza Hawkeye is there to cover him

Bwahahaha oh my.

omg cuz he has a synthetic arm get it. it's really funny okay i love him<<gotta hand it to u Brenda

nrrrgggg im kinda torn between the two, which means i don't know where to put it....aww well it can go on both

Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye