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Easy birthday cakes -- this one is just m-and-ms! Cute first birthday idea.

Easy Birthday Cakes

easy birthday cakes On the Dot To make this colorful cake, press rows of mini, regular, and peanut M's into the icing in bold patterns.

Lego Man Head Cake with Solid Chocolate Lego Blocks - I created this Lego Man Head for a lovely little boy. Its been doing the rounds of the internet and now other designers around the world are recreating it so I thought I would share the original with you. It is one of my most popular cakes and I love it!

A LEGO Man Head Cake with Solid Chocolate Lego Blocks. Many other LEGO inspirational ideas for Birthday Parties. Simple Cake for everyday

Buying a birthday cake from a bakery can be very expensive but, there are tons of simple Creative Birthday Cakes that you can make on your own.

Creative Birthday Cakes

Get the inspiration for your little girl’s birthday party with this fun pineapple-themed celebration. From adorable and colorful decorations to delicious desserts, her party is sure to be memorable!

Betty Crocker and Howdini.com help you create four-alarm excitement with a fire engine cake.

Fire Engine Cake

Fire Truck Cake - Create four-alarm excitement with a fire engine cake! Print out this template and use it as a guide to cutting and assembling your fire engine.

Original tarta para fiesta de cumpleaños Minions

🎈 Fiesta de Cumpleaños Minions 🎂 +43 Ideas Súper Divertidas 🎁

This is an incredibly fun cake. The work involved making all those cute Minions is staggering. I just LOVE the little Overall covered behinds poking out!

Dr Seuss Thing 1 & 2 Cake by Dream Day Cakes  |  TheCakeBlog.com

Thing One & Thing Two Cake