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Capanna di Baba formula a zampe di pollo. Grande di Pomyslownia

Found on the attic in the dusted archive of the Gnomes Maps and Schemes Repositorium is the drawing of Baba Yagas chicken-legged hut.

Old School RPG Maps

Old School RPG Maps

This is a lovely piece of illustration - but the style gets in the way of the information, so it's actually quite a basic map - all you can see is the relative placement of a few key locations.

Finding other encounter and campaign maps for your RPG is as easy as a Google search, they say. However, rummaging through a few million maps and trying to research their individual copyrights might not be how you want to spend your time precious time. And that’s where the cartographers on this list come in. For one, it’s a darn good bet the maps you’re looking for can be found on their sites. Secondly, having these cartographers bookmarked will save you from Google searching through maps…

These Cartographers Are Making Awesome Fantasy RPG Maps For Your Campaigns

An RPG town map created for the Dungeons & Dragons adventure "Lost Mine of Phandelver".

Imagen relacionada

Imagen relacionada

Floshin Manor, by Mike Schley

A series of battle maps created for a variety of fantasy tabletop RPGs.