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Instagram photo by Ceren Bülbün • Dec 7, 2015 at 5:49 PM

Instagram photo by Ceren Bülbün • Dec 7, 2015 at 5:49 PM

Advanced Double Exposure - Photoshop Action --- #design graphicriver.net/item/advanced-double-exposure-photoshop-action/11404907?ref=nexion

Advanced Double Exposure - Photoshop Action

Advanced Double Exposure - Photoshop Action --- Recreate the legendary superimposition technique with your photos, images or artwork - photoshop techniques, photoshop double exposures

ShatteredGlass Action - Photo Effects Actions

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

aside from the fact that I love the rain more than sunshine...the colors on this piece of art are beautiful together

Raindrops travelling down a window whilst you're sitting inside in the warmth, perfectly dry. Watching the world go by, in the rain. City lights sparkling against all the raindrops that trickle down the windowpane.

Stunning photo taken January 2013 by Oskar Zapirain. It has a lovely sense of rhythm in the repetition of vertical lines from the trees, interrupted by scattered birds flying across.

birds flying among the bare trees seem as if the fallen leaves have taken wing to rise again


Reflections dancing on the still water, blending reality with a dream you were never brave enough to touch

Memories of the trees of youth...

Misty valley Misty Forest The 30 Most Beautiful Nature Photography - organic adventure in the wild through a forest of evergreen trees in the fall autumn through fog like a hippie boho bohemian black and white silhouette photo through fog

The Sierra III by Luc Busquin The Sierra Nevada (/siˈɛrə nɨˈvɑːdə/ or /nɨˈvædə/, Spanish: [ˈsjera neˈβaða], snowy range) is a mountain range in the U. states of California and Nevada, between the.