Lightbulbs ~ “Insight is not a lightbulb that goes off inside our heads. It is a flickering candle that can easily be snuffed out.” ― Malcolm Gladwell, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

" A nuvem parece fumaça, tem gente que acha que ela é algodão!"

As fotografias surreais de Ilya Kisaradov

f-l-e-u-r-d-e-l-y-s: “ Ilya Kisaradov Aka Ezorenier Takes Gorgeous Surreal Photography Ezorenier.deviantart Russian photographer Ilya Kisaradov’s subjects are primarily women, who are out in the open.

fotos disney 10

¿Adivinarías qué personajes Disney y de cuentos han inspirado estas fotografías?

New York-based Ukrainian photographer Anita Anti uses elaborate costumes, makeup, and props to capture imaginative and fantastic fairytale inspired photos.

If you want to live in a world where all things are possible, you must unlearn what you have been programmed to believe since birth. ~Jacqueline Purcell

This picture illustrates the paper birds that Marco would create and influence to fly across the room. The paper birds could stand for the dreams Marco created, and how he wished to fly.

by Alex Stoddard

alex stoddard, fotografía desoladora

Fine art photographer Alex Stoddard creates gripping surreal images that look like they've come right out of a ghostly fairytale or nightmare – and he's only 19

40 Creative Self Photography Ideas - UltraLinx

40 Creative Self Photography Ideas

Despite spending years training for a professional ballet career, Kylli Sparre realized it was not the right path for her. Instead, she turned to photography to fill the creative void.

Ballet dancer finds her footing through dreamlike photos

Fine art photographer Kylli Sparre spent years training to become a professional ballet dancer. After realizing that dance wasn’t what she wanted to pursue as a career, Sparre picked up a camera, …