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Genoa, Italy.
♩Soaring high above the heaven in a 747…L.A. International Airport. Where the big jet engines roar.♩~ “L.A. International Airport” by Susan Raye. Share your LAX moments with #LAXMoments for a chance to be featured! #LAXmoments[PIC] @copterpilot
#Gustaf_III_Airport also known as Saint Barthélemy Airport in #Caribbean http://directrooms.com/caribbean/hotels.htm
London City Airport - to do some planespotting here at possibly the finest and most convenient airport in the world.
Clifton Beach, Cape Town. BelAfrique your personal travel planner - www.BelAfrique.com
Majuro Intl Airport (Marshall Islands).  Very happy there wasn't a tsumani or a high tide during my layover.
Genoa, Italy, enchanted waves, by Andras Gyorosi, on flickr.
Macau International Airport, China
If you look out the right u can see a massive a380 pls don't be alarmed that it is coming towards us.