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Which button would you choose? Wow, thought provoking, I have no idea.

Just wanna....

"Like, I just wanna make art, read books, and find someone who likes me enough to kiss my face." This is so my life right now.


Even when life is far from perfect, it’s important to keep things in perspective. Many people in this world wish they had what you have. Humble yourself-HELP those in need., and be grateful for what you have.

Not because I love myself, but because I hate society more

No desire whatsoever! LOVE being unusually unusual. And that's what "makes you (me) so fun and special to be around!" "You make me laugh and feel special!

No i wpuld probably search up the day it is that day in there and read one page every night but only the things that happened that day i wpuld never read ahead. Sort of like a diary

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I used to slep at night :P

Haha so true damn partying takes you away. It feels good to rest for a while:P

Spain! But I really think they based it off the colors I picked...

What Country Do You Actually Belong In?

Don't Compare Yourself To Others. Compare Yourself To The Person From Yesterday.

One of my goals- I am NOT a fast swimmer. But I will try to do better than I did yesterday.