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BitScope Micro Raspberry Pi Oscilloscope with Probes and Clips.
Con los colores de la república.
Arduino Capacitance Meter
Easy friendship bracelet with mini beads
BitScope Raspberry Pi Oscilloscope | Test, Measurement and Data Acquisition for Raspberry Pi.
I think this one is better. True red, true yellow, and true blue.  Marie Segal 2014 blown form and a collection of techniques using only the colors listed above, black and a tiny bit of gold!
Let's turn Raspberry Pi into an analogic/digital measurment tool with BitScope Micro, the most recent product of the BitScope tools generation. As hinted by the name, its calling is the measurement of digital signals. The software is available for the GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac/OS X platforms. BitScope Micro is a further confirmation of the ongoing trend of making available to testers and hobbyists new devices and tools, that are more and more professional, and at always ch...
BitScope Model 10 with full connectivity
Make an Oscilloscope Using the SainSmart Mega2560 with the TFT LCD shield and the 3.5 "color touch screen
In the previous post, we showed you something about our new Bluetooth Multimeter. However, in that post, we just posted some pictures of bare hardware. You might have questions, like…