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The Masnavi, Book One (Oxford World's Classics) (Bk. by Jalal al-Din Rumi. Series - Oxford World's Classics.

The enemy is not your spouse or your children. Recognize who the real enemy is. He's alive and wants to tear down the unity in families who are struggling with hard times. Read more about recognizing the enemy and holding on to each other and the promises of God.

The Real Enemy

Recognize who the real enemy is and that he is alive attempting to tear down the unity in families in the midst of hard times.

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Beautiful Brassia

Miniature-orchid / Micro-orquidea: Lepanthes nycteris - A cool-growing species from Bolivia (Cochabamba State) and Peru. The flowers are tall and wide.

“If I remember well it was 1985,” Cardinal Bergoglio wrote. “One evening I went to recite the Holy Rosary that was being led by the Holy Father. He was in front of everybody, on his knees. The group was numerous; I saw the Holy Father from the back and, little by little, I got lost in prayer. I was not alone: I was praying in the middle of the people of God to which I and all those there belonged, led by our Pastor. His witness struck me.” Pope Francis on JP II

One of my favorite JPII quotes. And it has a special place in my heart from taking Faith and Reason at Benedictine College.


The unfortunate truth is that computer bugs aren’t something we can squish with a slipper. However, Julie Alice Chappell looks at it from a different perspective when she makes Computer Component Bugs.