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Seagulls forearm tattoo, i would really like to get something like this for my siblings and i , as we may fly our own separate paths, bird of a feather we will always flock together <3

brown ink, makes it look almost like a birthmark. Liking the brown ink look.- surprisingly love the birds too. A free sense

pájaros pequeños tatuajes #tattoos • Tattoo Ideas Zone

When we talk about lower back tattoo designs for women, no other tattoo designs look more feminine and stylish. The lower back is one of the favorite

Mandala temporary tattoo

Mandala temporary tattoo


Love the idea of a world map tat but not all the huge ones I've seen, this spot is perfect and maybe a lighter color too<< don't even want a tattoo but I'm in love with this 😍

The thing is I didn’t know Jesus as a friend at that point and time in my life, but the picture I was getting would lead me to believe I wasn’t really made to be a part of that whole religious business anyway.

To the Religious Teacher Who Cut Me From Dance Team for "Body Mutilation"—1 Small Tattoo

Watercolor Teal Peacock Painting print version

watercolor tattoos are so beautiful, especially this one because i LOVE peacock feathers. but the only thing about water color tattoos though is that without the outline to keep the color in place, the ink will begin to bleed out and morph the tattoo.