un sourire un petit bonheur

Joy by Michael Steverson on A young boy laughs at the foreign photographer. I was the first laowai (foreigner) he'd ever seen.



Flower Girl

I can't say it's just the curls or the hair piece. It's a picture of a beautiful child with great hair.

Kyrgyzstan, modern day: I saw a Venus figurine from this part of the world, and the archaelogists were trying to figure out the bump and dot patterns on the figure.

Alex elle her daughter : The 60 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken That Perfectly Capture The Human Experience

Passage to Burma, Scott Stulberg

los niños y su inocencia son la sonrisa que une al mundo! Children and their innocence are the smile that unites the world

Howrah, Índia.

Sit back & enjoy this journey though India by train. This incredible photographic Indian railway series was shot by award winning photographer Steve McCurry