Showing off for mom and dad.

Alice the tiny gorilla baby stands on her hind legs mimicking her father, while being watched by proud parents JJ and Fredirika. The moment was caught on camera by Ron Magill at Zoo Miami.

Mom taking care of her tiny baby with delicate motions...Amazing...

Mommy asha and baby mona gorillas this was taken at Cincinnati Zoo!

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Loving parent Gorilla if a gorilla can be called 'cute' !

Tickle: Displaying an almost human response, five-month-old Jengo's eyes light up with joy and his mouth breaks into a huge grin as an adult...

Baby gorilla can't hide delight as adults shower him with affection

Jengo the baby gorilla enjoys a bout of tickle time with adult gorillas in his enclosure at Leipzig Zoo in Germany. Jengo lapped up his play time with female gorilla Kumil, flashing his bright smile and big eyes as the frolics unfolded.

Mama e Hija

zooborns: “Baby Gorilla Bonds with Mom at Brookfield Zoo “ Enjoy these new photos of a baby Western Lowland Gorilla spending quality time with her mom, Koola! The female baby Gorilla, born on November.