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Frill-necked Lizard

BEWARE lol jokes XD its jst a little monument of a frilled neck lizard , for decoration and for people to.

Desert horned lizard

Photographer Igor Siwanowicz's images of reptiles and amphibians.A desert horned lizard

Gecko born with two heads, six legs a ‘lucky’ find-Men in Thailand considered lucky to make discovery; many Thais believe deformed animals are supernatural, could lead to winning lottery numbers.

Gecko born with two heads, six legs a 'lucky' find

A tiny baby gecko born with two heads and six legs was considered a lucky find for three men living in Patong, Thailand, since many Thais regard deformed animals as supernatural entities that might.

Panda Drawing, Baby Pandas, Panda Babies, Baby Panda Bears

Frilled neck Lizards

Frilled lizards live in Australia. Even the largest lizards are less than 3 feet long and weigh about 1 pound. Frilled lizards eat insects and small animals. They spend most of their time in the trees, where they’re safe.

Saber tooth tiger

YooHoo and Friends Toothee the 5 Inch Plush Saber Tooth Tiger by Aurora at Stuffed Safari

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