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Swallow by Daniel Clarke

Daniel Clarke is a Cape Town, South Africa – based artist with an excellent illustration style. Although the majority of his work is comic related, Daniel has a great deal of various other pieces in his gallery.


Fairy tale Art: Fairy tale, tattooed girl wearing an imaginary crown is holding an open book. A Dreamlike & surreal girl with a crown and castle sit upon the book.

Harumi Hironaka

Harumi Hironaka is a São Paulo based painter and illustrator, author of these beautiful watercolor artworks. Born in Peru, raised in Japan, Harumi .

Characters tattooed cartoon |  Ink on Skin #SailorMoon

Personagens de desenhos animados tatuados


The glow. The Royal who gets kidnapped and stuff. The Intricate designs on her face have little pinpoints or dots in them. And those dots glow whenever she's resisting the powerful Evil of the Evil Overlord guy.

Wedha Pop Art Portrait (WPAP), Pop Art From Indonesia

Wedha Pop Art Portrait (WPAP), Pop Art From Indonesia


The Sky Beneath My Feet - Wonderful perspective on this digital paint by Yuumei. The sky is seen through the reflection of the girl’s feet where there is a puddle formed because of the rain.by be only fantasy