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Dragonflies. I like this saying.

May you touch dragonflies and stars, dance with fairies and talk to the moon. for my grand babies

Dragonfly for Beckie

Book of Shadows Page Dragonfly Prayer Witch Pagan Wicca BoS CELTIC 8 1/2" x 11

Not a believer in wiccan beliefs, but dragonflies represent my sister. Dragonfly Poster Size Wicca Pagan Witch Totem Goth Punk Book of Shadows


Where do Dragonflies Sleep? Dragonflies are one of the things I enjoy the most. Not only do I collect them, I also have a purple dragonfly tattoo on my left shoulder blade. My Great-grandmother once told me if a dragonfly lands on you, it is good.

Blank Card with Quote / Saying - Advice from a DRAGONFLY | Your True Nature® | 1_2002642-P | Leanin' Tree

From the Leanin' Tree Greeting Cards for a Cause collection: Birthday Card 60391 - Advice from a Dragonfly


Dragonfly print This is the work of a local Belleview, FL artist!

Check out serendipityiam's    image   on #PicsArt  Create your own for free  http://go.picsart.com/f1Fc/pWjcY7OeMx

What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right - Albert Einstein Very true!

BAGGAGE IS A CHOICE - FREE YOURSELF    Cut the string, fly off, and free yourself (emotionally).  You're probably saying "It's not that easy."  No... it's not that EASY, but it's that SIMPLE.    Go to a mirror and look deep into your own eyes until you feel your inner Light. It's there waiting to be seen and expressed... and it will let you know how strong you are.

It is hard to fly when something is weighing you down. "It is hard to fly when something is weighing you down.