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...by elena vizerskaya

If you love photo-manipulation, then you are in for a good "wow". Look at these amazing photo retouches done by Kassandra, a photographer and artist from

Elena Vizerskaya

Incredible PhotoManipulation by Kassandra - Kassandra is а Ukrainian phоtоgrаpher whо likes tо еdit аnd mаnipulate hеr phоtоs in а beautiful manner.

Sherlock Holmes played by Benedict Cumberbatch on BBC Sherlock. from my A Study In Watercolor series:

Outdoor scene painted by the Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna Romanova of Russia.





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Yohji Kato, Maizuru Salmon is a place called shi

Yohji Kato, Maizuru Salmon is a place called shi

All i need is love! (Click it for the story!)

All i need is love!

936693_726282260787597_2805914954243461228_n.jpg (JPEG 画像, 558x720 px) - 表示倍率 (85%)

When artist Caitlin Hackett told me she’d been hired by the Folio Society, a publisher of fancy hardcover books from England, to illustrate a recreation of the old Lilac Fairy Book, I was, ne…

Artist: Amandine van Ray really interesting textures and concept. Really dig this!

Mystical Worlds Created by Digital Artist Amandine van Ray

Estonian Digital artist Amandine van Ray creates stunning surrealist artworks using photo manipulation techniques.

Never Forever love and heartbreak illustration

Never Forever love and heartbreak illustration