Hot, hot pink! Hot, hot pink! Hot, hot pink!

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Pink Memory: Solange Knowles in park slope. The house was painted pink by a man who’s wife had lost her fight to breast cancer in honor of her. Sadly, the man died and the community took no time to repaint the house.

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'Where can i find this house!?' Said the last pinner, I feel so blessed to say that I see this exact house all the time when I drive up the California coast, love California!

Think only Barbie can have the dream house? This is the house of Ruth Handler, the founder of Barbie, in Santa Monica, California. It was her real life dream house until her death in The facade of the beach house is painted in bubble gum pink & purple.

Fun City, the pink motel in Las Vegas.

At the Corner of Seedy and Charming: Fun City's Pink Motel

Con estos colores..... es dificil equivocarse de casa!!

Pink doorway, curved, colourful, lovely, Magenta door and wall

"So, you're going to turn the corner on Maple St, then walk 3 blocks until #271, and you'll see my house on the left. Can't miss it." Ha.

The Pink Brooklyn Brownstone is For Sale!

(old post) we live in a brownstone. the pink one is killer. Mille Fiori Favoriti: The Pink Brooklyn Brownstone is For Sale!

{decor inspiration : easter weekend pastels} by {this is glamorous}, via Flickr

A cherry tree, a magnolia, a rhododendron bush, any blossom outside the window would do.

We're planning a trip to the flee market this weekend

Tissu imprimé couleur : comment créer une belle déco

"Tissu sur un fil" [Roughly, "Fabric on a wire"] -- shades are identified (in French) at the click-through.