João Fazenda (род. 1979г). - Музей рисунка

João Fazenda (род. 1979г). - Музей рисунка

An animatronic bunny! Hello! He looks like his paws are robotic and only move up and down. Ooh, I like the sky and invisible cloud behind him! Very nice all round.

vintage travel poster Czech rabbit matchbox label vintage: Save Us Astor House Shangai

The Anatomy Of 2016's Teen Cliques #refinery29  Sporty Spice 2.0 As genuine members of the boys’ club, they self-identified as anti-fashion until everyone started telling them how good they looked. They’re J. Cole’s fantasy of the Queens girl — getting up early to play ball before school, staring out the subway window listening to Biggie, lifting heavy when they think nobody’s watching. Though softer-edged and more...

What The "Mean Girls" Lunchroom Would Look Like Today

Comic from Hic + Hoc (via @Mallory McInnis)

You’ll have to excuse my french but OH MY FUCKING GOD. This comic is going to be amazing. Out in November from Hic & Hoc, so keep your eyes peeled.


Some of the amazing illustrations made with great skill by the Chinese artist, who lives and works in New York, Victo Ching Ngai Chuen. Real works of art characterized by an Asian style heavily influenced by his cultural background.