Two block print

Una puntata scalpitante

2 layer horse ink print -- Andrea Lauren ( "I am happy to be stepping away from the computer and carving this dala horse design this morning! Really enjoying these folk themes!

printing on fabric with lino blocks information.

printing on fabric with lino blocks information {I just like that mound of gorgeous stamps!

Handcarved linoleum blocks by South African designer & illustrator Jesse Breytenbach. via HenriKuikens on Etsy

Blocks by South African textile artist Jesse Breytenbach prior to being glued to acrylic backing blocks. via Jezze Prints

artgoodies block print stuffies | by artgoodieshome

Here's how I take and display my block print stuffies when I'm at a show! It happens to be my grandma's suitcase with some wallpaper squares for extra pizazz! They are right at home all comfy and cozy on the way to their new homes!


(this 'How to' article on the wood cut process is simplified to the point of being useless)

Lots and lots of block printing on the Skinny laMinx blog today!

I love nordic textiles and Marimekko is my favourite especially the Unikko print. Here I roundup 12 fabulous Marimekko crafts including a few of my own.