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the difference between sativa & indica marijuana strains. Indica = medicine - the previous poster wrote the first part of this, being someone who suffers from bi-polar disorder and borderline personality disorder I'm telling you BOTH kinds ARE medicine.

a guide to identifying a plant  (marijuana cannabis)

The 3 types of cannabis, Sativa is the better option for a smoke during the day a higher buzz energy ect, wher indica makes you lazy gives you a body high.


Do you know Sativas have a high CBD:THC ratio, while indicas have a high THC:CBD…As our tagline “Out of the Shadows, Into the Light “Cannabis is high medicine ”Our goal is to show the world that individuals can buy medical cannabis,purple kush,ind

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Weed Vaporizer vs Smoking: If you like getting high then you& better do it right! This report drills down the hazards of smoking marijuana against a more healthy approach of weed vaporiser. Next time you& fire the pot think your lungs and go up in fume.

Infographic: How to choose the right strain of medical cannabis/marijuana - Indica or Sativa?

How to Choose the Right Marijuana Strain for your desired results or symptoms. There are three types of strains including indica, sativa and hybrid.


The Characteristics Of Various Cannabis Strains

How to Grow Weed: Starting Marijuana Seeds

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