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This isn't a "teenager" thing, this is a "reader" thing. All readers have been guilty of this statement at least twice in their life

Lol me

Relatable Post "I hate when part of my outfit I mentally planned is in the laundry.

All the time!

I started watching Merlin and stared at Colin Morgan like a dumb ass. Mind you I started watching Doctor Who before Merlin so I had seen his face before.

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Teenager Post That moment when you do a MATH problem and your answer isn't even one of the choices

All the time or at least I try to

Teenager Post - I'm the type of person that tries to fall back asleep in the morning just to finish a dream.

Yeah, I'd like that XD everything anime in hot topic... Anything cute to me... Or awesome.

Actually what I want is a completely abandoned mall, totally empty but with all the merchandise there. And then I want to be able to marchin and some people would cook in food court and. it'd be awesome.


this is so true! Whenever I try to help someone they are all like "hey thx" but then whenever I need something they say, "sorry, I don't know what to say.

Teenager Posts


Why is this a "teenager post"? I didn't develop a solid sense of hatred for humaninty until my <<<< some people just develop it sooner than others.

A very happy puddle

Unless its that creepy annoying guy in your class. he'd just ruin it-----> lolz. I can totally relate.