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1,215 likerklikk, 15 kommentarer – Wedding Photo Inspiration (@wedphotoinspiration) på Instagram: “by @claracooperphoto”

1,215 likerklikk, 15 kommentarer – Wedding Photo Inspiration (@wedphotoinspiration) på Instagram: “by @claracooperphoto”

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3 Ways to Find Writing Inspiration in Images

Too many milkshakes the quiet hum of a diner late at night // this is incredibly familiar, looks like my summer

i realized what i had really done, how much damage i inflicted on her, and i didnt regret a thing. -m.

His mother slowly shuts down as she realises that he cant replace her real son, that he is his own person.

It was raining but he didn't care. He couldn't restrain himself any longer. He grabbed her by the waist and hugged her. She started to sob.

Camina en mi existencia

That first embrace would be held in Nadine's heart forever. The feel of his…

"You're my friend, are you not?" A blink of the eyes was my answer. That was all I needed.

Which Hogwarts Professor Are You?

I like owls. They have big eyes, glowing eyes, like me. Their feathers are the same color as my hair. Everyone calls me "Owl Girl". Maybe it's because I look like one- maybe it's because I carry one around all the time.

(via Thomas Gearty | Italy | Garden Maze, Villa Barbarigo, Valsanzibio, Italy, 2007)

It is important to have a secret, a premonition of things unknown. It fills life with a numinosum.a sense that things can happen which remain inexplicable. The unexpected and the incredible belong in this world. Only then is life whole. ~Carl Jung Now!

I could walk, stand and whatever else without problem on the trunk. Evenwhith my eyes covered, even asleep...But he...He was like a baby deer on ice...It would be funny if wouldn't be trully sad...THE MIGHTY SHAMAN! Shaking by fear tho not fall down from the tree! Sad...So sad...

Spring camping with your sweetheart!/ I would have to recreate Dirty Dancing on that tree.

Experience all that there is for you, and discover who you truly are, in the present moment. For more travel tips and inspiration visit BusinessTravelLife.com #inspiration #travel

Road Less Traveled

My favorite poem. "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and sorry i could not travel both and be one traveler, long i stood and looked down one as far as i could to where it bent in the undergrowth". "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost.

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we layed together in the forest, praying we could stay this way forever, and not return to our lands

Werelions are an endangered species because of their beauty. Her eyes would fetch a handsome price on the blackmarket...

Heaven possesses the ability to see the future, impacting her life. She was born of time and is changing slowly. Her beauty magnified and her unusual golden eyes are a whisper of the things to come. I love love yellow / gold eyes.