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why you may want to reconsider wearing green velvet this Fall/Winter. Shop a few favorites inspired by this look...

Proof Emerald Green Velvet Is Actually Wearable...and Ridiculously Chic

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I thought I would go red for an accent color, but I also really like this dark purple! Eggplant or Plum Flower Girl Petals - Plum Wedding Accessories - Plum Wedding Collections

I had one this exact same color when in nursing school zillions of years ago..

Emerald Gemstones Green, German VW Beetle, Bus and Fiat Topolino on top. Rate this from 1 to Emerald Gemstones 31

★ Glamorous Green ★ Bridging the Gap

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Artist Angélica Dass has created the Humanae Project, an attempt to catalogue all possible human skin tones

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An image from Kelsey McClellan and Michelle Maguire photography series Wardrobe Snacks

Dressed to ingest: foodie fashion – in pictures

Photographer Kelsey McClellan and prop stylist Michelle Maguire photographer people in outfits matching their snacks