this would also be an awesome anniversary, bday, or christmas gift.

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Roost Long Handle Tasting Spoons are made from six different varieties of wood. These spoons are not only practical, but bring style and elegance to the kitchen. Perfect as a utensil as well as on the wall.


hand spoons - ariele alasko - I would use these to toss and serve salad

Mineral Oil for Wooden Utensils and Cutting Boards  Posted April 2, 2013

Use mineral oil to treat wooden cutting boards and wooden kitchen utensils - it's food-safe and brings the life right back to them

Dry mix delight -- I love these wood measuring spoons


"These gorgeous plantation farmed teak wood measuring spoons from Chabatree are a must-have for your daily baking needs.

cutting boards

9 antique wooden cutting boards from the late and early centuries.i have a lifelong love affair with antique & vintage cutting boards

Oak egg crate - so simple, so beautiful. Now I need some chickens in my yard, to match!

Gorgeous oak wood egg crates from West Elm. Perfect for display of painted eggs, or as a serving tray for boiled eggs.

Prenez votre jeu de cuisine d'un cran pour l'automne avec des outils de cuisson en cuivre.  Non seulement ce métal riche ajouter de la chaleur à votre maison, mais ces tasses et cuillères à mesurer métalliques sont absolument superbes.  Cette saison, il est temps de cuivre pour briller .:

Cooper baking tools, rich metal add warmth to your home. These metallic cups and spoons are absolutely stunning!

I like to use cutting boards as serving platters....can't wait to find some really awesome vintage cutting boards like these

Vintage and antique cutting, chopping and bread boards. Recondition by sanding down and then 'painting' with olive or cooking oil and leave to dry.