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Breakfast Tea being passed between cars on the railway between Peshawar and Lahore, Pakistan, National Geographic, June By Rail Across the Indian Subcontinent. By Steve McCurry Pakistan

Haridwar, India - small child dressed to look like shiva - begging for alms

A young child dress as the Hindu Deity Shiva, often depicted in the color blue, asks for money at a religious festival in Haridwar, India, 1998 ©SteveMcCurry

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Kona Sport Bikini Top

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Medusa gigante

The Lions Mane Jellyfish -- largest jelly fish in the world. Found in the boreal waters of the Arctic The Lions Mane Jellyfish -- largest jelly fish in the world. Found in the boreal waters of the Arctic

Strictly no elephants. January A young visitor and her toy elephant finds that the elephant house at London Zoo is closed for their winter holidays. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

elephant festival, jaipur, rajasthan, india. Beautiful, I wish every culture was so colorful!

Elephant festival, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India I've been there & experienced the elephants & their finery - LOVED IT!

design-dautore.com: Le fotografie sproporzionate di Alain Delorme

artchipel: Alain Delorme - Totems [found at devidsketchbook] I need one of these for the chairs I find left on the streets of To.

Пока мужчина не осознает воздействия своего материнского комплекса, он будет страдать из-за невозможности установления гармоничных взаимоотношений с женщинами.  Его внутренний ребёнок охвачен страхом быть либо подавленным материнской властью, либо брошенным ею на произвол судьбы. Отсюда желание власти и контроля над женщиной, стремление сделать её своей матерью.

What an amazingly docile cow. No comment on the driver, who seems to have a death wish!