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A young ram sheep

A Young, Norway, Sheep

Floating mountain Norway  by kaifr  http://flic.kr/p/oRe5WJ

Discover the beauty that is Norway.

Liu Bolin, a chinese artist...this is part of a photography project called the Invisible Man.

Hiding in the City with Liu Bolin

Where's Liu Bolin? In nearly all of his art, Liu Bolin goes completely unseen - but he is typically front and center. Liu Bolin is "The Invisible Man".

Artic Marble Fox - The beautiful "Arctic Marble" Fox is an animal that is bred and sold solely for profit. This coloration is completely "man-made" and does not normally occur in the wild." The "arctic marble" fox is a color phase (or specially produced mutation) of the red fox. Some believe, however, that this coloration was a mutation that occurred at a silver fox ranch in Norway, first appearing in 1945.

Sapphire marble fox - combination of 3 mutations on a silver fox : Mansfield pearl, pearl, and marble