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Oophaga (Dendrobates) vicentei, Vicent's Poison Frog, IUCN Redlist Data Deficient, Cocle', Panama

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Andinobates dorisswansonae

of known amphibian species are threatened with extinction. That number is likely rising.

sapo azul                                                                                                                                                      Mais

I'd call this the box frog because it looks like it eat a small tiny box

Poison Arrow Frog (by Edd Noble)

2 That frog over there, for instance: that tiny, brilliantly colored tree frog. Doesn't he look like some kind of Faberge ornament, there against that vermilion leaf? Wouldn't such a natural jewel look just gorgeous in a terrarium back home?

Hyperolius riggenbachi hieroglyphicus

Hyperolius riggenbachi hieroglyphicus

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Sachatamia ilex…

Sachatamia ilex…