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Top 10 Fake Pokemon Alola Forms - that'd be so cool if the were really in the game!!!

Top 10 Fake Pokemon Alola Forms - some of them look really good and lore friendly, kinda makes you wish they were real

Eeveelutions. And Pikachu apparently. (:


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With this, the story has finally come full circle.Thank you for reading~ Fateful Encounter Comic Pages: Page 1 Page 2 Page Page 7 Page 8

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Vous êtes des génies les gars --> Awesome, wish I could read french though ^^''

As a huge fan of the honedge line and a die-hard water type trainer I would love to see a water type honedge

This is my reason for it changes Taken on boats honedge dualblade and agislash were brought to alola since steel wasn't used very much in alolan culture they carved tiki like coverings and possessed them leaving the old body behind