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All that glitter!

escarcha en mi cara

Stars and glitter xx


23 Things Instantly Improved By Glitter

Glitter: the herpes of the craft world

Leave a trail of magic and sparkle wherever you go! No mattet how dull life may seem, be bold enough to shine in your own, beautiful way! For you are unique and magical and simply you.


Maybe the model could wear like a top that wouldn't show in the picture and she could have her neck full of glitter/fake jewels?

annao culturainquieta5

La huída del amor a través de las poéticas fotos de Anna O

memories, poems, wounds, dead flowers, by AnnaO-Photography (deviantArt).


Collar bone and daisies inspiration

He says he doesn't like glittery stuff... So I'm like then why do you like me??? :o lol for the love of glitter!

when your husband, who used to HATE glitter, accepts it now

I wish I had a space to take glitter pictures like these.

I wish I had a space to take glitter pictures like these.

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When in doubt, just add glitter

ANALOGCINEMA: Erica Schreiner untitled video still from Blue ©2011

Still from Blue / Erica Schreiner 2011

Dara's lighthouse

Golden - perfect for summer :)


gold glitter and nude. would make striking yoga photos


star/glitter make-up an idea.


BPM during EDM Rave makeup ideas. Very creative and avant garde.

Little princess photo shoot. chubby cheek photography DO NOT COPY OR STEAL

chubby cheek photography--whimsical E old photo idea