Easy Greenhouse  I'd like one of these!

Greenhouses hold heat and allow gardeners to start seeds early and keep crops going late. You need not spend thousands building a greenhous.


Modeled after the Wardian cases first built for growing ferns in the early this terrarium creates a warm, humid environment that encourages plant growth, no matter what the temperature outside. The terrarium is crafted from wrought iron with a poin

How to Build a Mini Greenhouse... or use some of the links in the post to buy one. ;)

Patio Grow House-- this isn't made for outside /rain use, but the design/shape is what I would like for a cold frame.

DIY Build a terrarium using picture frames http://www.countryliving.com/crafts/projects/make-terrarium-0410#slide-1

How to Make a DIY Terrarium Using Old Picture Frames

greenhouse made from picture frames! I want to run wire across the top to hang plants from (little ones) and add mesh in the triangles of the roof to get rid of greenhouse gasses.

Not going to lie.. I want this little greenhouse

Now snip a few culinary herbs from your ECOGRO Herb Barn and toss ’em in. “My love of gardening and plants in general coupled with my craft was the inspiration for ECOGRO,” says the designer, W.

Stacy @ NotJustaHouseWife Crafting for Charity Project. Hexagon Greenhouse

Hexagon Greenhouse: Turn an old curio cabinet into an indoor greenhouse! This is amazing on so many levels