nests of social weaver birds  are believed to be the largest birds’ nests in the world..reminiscent of giant haystacks, each nest, some of which can be over 20 feet wide and about 10 feet tall, can be occupied by hundreds of sociable weavers at a time..the massive nests, made up of twigs, grass, cotton and other natural materials, have to be constantly maintained by the birds & they do this job diligently.. some nests have been known to last for about 100 years

Assimilation: sociable weaver birds' nests on telegraph poles near Upington, South Africa, photographed by Dillon Marsh

Optimistic Expectations by L. Matsuday (sp)

Optimistic Expectations by L.

Photo: Oh, what magnificent webs they weave  - Food & Living - Charleston Daily Mail - West Virginia News and Sports -

Wow, what a spider artist we have here! I wonder, do different kinds of spiders create different kinds of webs? Or does it just where they are building the web that determines the shape? Such a pretty star-shaped web!

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Not typically seen as beauty, usually a scary decoration, but a real spiderweb is a work of art.

No two webs are ever the same.  Even from the same spider. #Spiders

No two webs are ever the same. Even from the same spider. #Spiders