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awonderfulpalmettolife: matchbookmag: Robyn reads a book… (photo by Jade McCully for Matchbook) (via TumbleOn )

Glass of wine and book by fireplace

Cozy :) sitting by the fireplace, reading a good book, sipping on a glass of wine / a few of my favorite things

Familias de Palabras

I LOVE this ad for Australia Post, entitled Hug. "If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter." Why have we all stopped writing letters? I keep hearing people say how much they like getting a handwritten letter.


amygaertner: “ The Book Origami of Isaac Salazar ” Beautiful art sculpture about something I totally love to do - read! Love the fact this book wasn’t “cut” to sculpt but was.


{Writing Prompt} Write about what reading meant to you as a child, the impact it had on your life, why you read, how you found the love of reading as a child.

نه من مرد سالها پیشم نه تو زنِ سالها بعدی! نه من میتوانم لبخند بزنم نه تو میتوانی مرا دوست داشته باشی، آدم ها عوض میشوند و من عوض شده ام و تو... عوض میشوی و این مهمترین موضوع سالهای اخیر کنفرانس های شبانه تخت خواب من است. #کیوان_میرشاهی

"Must be a good book," Dec 2012 © Aude (Photographer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)love this!

reading outside in the fall

Date a girl who reads. Date a girl who spends her money on books instead of clothes, who has problems with closet space because she has too many books. Date a girl who has a list of books she wants to read, who has had a library card since she was twelve.

A book store where books are wrapped in paper with short descriptions so no one will ‘judge a book by it’s cover’

"I went to this book store and their books were wrapped up in paper with small descriptions so no one would 'judge a book by its cover'.i would spend a bazillion hours in this book store

Having a morning read in the sheets. (in TriBeCa)    Via Booklover - http://booklover.tumblr.com

Me, bed, book, view.just need the coffee! National Read a Book Day Sept