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field worker

| h o i s t • t h e • s a i l s |

Harmony - This is harmony because the three birds flying in the sky seem to pull the picture together

» sol » sunshine » dancing in the rays » awaken the soul » free spirit » bask in the glory » sun god » one with nature » wild heart » beauty » golden light » bright star » earth energy » higher level » sun worship »

Soft Like Wax, Yogi Bhajan Poem

D May lower the rate of Decay. Vitamin D can increase the absorption of calcium and phosphate from food which strengthens the teeth. Include foods rich in Vitamin D in your diet and visit our dentist once in 6 months to stay free from dental caries.

https://flic.kr/p/nuX5LK | Follow the sun | ♫♫♫   Andy, yesterday when I was here with my daughter and those Dandelions, just came to my mind you and your "dandelions invasion".  Para Lio, a esta foto la hice ayer en la puerta de una fabrica cerca de casa. Hacia rato que venia mirando este lugar porque cada vez que pasaba en el auto veia la linda forma en que caia el sol ahi, asi que anoche decidimos ir.

When I was a little girl my nanny would always pick up the dandelion fairies and say blow off the little fairies & make a wish Silhouette

Optical Illusion Photography Sees Man Play Basketball With Moon

The Whole Moon In His Hands...

Optical Illusion Photography Sees Man Play Basketball With Moon. Hobbies in one picture. He likes to know about the moon and likes playing basket ball.

ant pushing drop of water

Funny pictures about An ant pushing some water. Oh, and cool pics about An ant pushing some water. Also, An ant pushing some water photos.

Awesome. Reminds me of Dali.

An Optical Illusion in Paris. This shot was taken under the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Do you see the face? yes, but there is a picture underneath of a face!

free spirit

Field of grass during golden hour with girl playing guitar Love the photo, very cool set up photography.