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lovee reese.

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Anne Hathaway.

Known for her role (by me) as Ella in the movie Ella Enchanted, her role as Princess Mia in the Princess Diaries films, and, more recently, for her role in the musical Les Miserables.


Anne Hathaway in Atelier Versace at the Venice Film Festival in September This dress is supposed to be sea foam green!

LUSCIOUS QUOTE: Audrey Hepburn - Nothing is impossible

she managed to be successful young actress even though she's been very selective, such as: no nudity before no sex or romantic scene with much older actor, and gave priority to academic matters.

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kaliforniakissing: “annehathaway: “ Anne Hathaway poses for The Intern promotional shoot ” k a l i f o r n i a k i s s i n g ”

I just love her. First Princess Diaries, then Devil Wears Prada and One Day. What can't she do?

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Anne Hathaway en “El Diablo viste de Prada” (The Devil Wears Prada), 2006

She's not happy unless everyone around her is panicked, nauseous or suicidal. Anne Hathaway Andy Sachs The Devil Wears