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true dat.

when work feels overwhelming. When work feels overwhelming, remember that lift. missed all my lectures today when work feels overwhelming When remember that lift lim! missed all my lectures today

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inappropriate things make me laugh.Funny Workplace Ecard: When work feels overwhelming, remember that you're going to die.

Sounds familiar! Or how bout when you start a project/chore and does 90% of it and they offer to help and does the last 10% and then takes credit for all of it?

That is if he will take the trash out at all! My husband does a ton of other things, but trash isn't one of them! I have learned to pick my battles!

Seriously, because hearing song about leaving a trail of clothes to the bed really irritates me on laundry day!!

Funny Music Ecard: What if rappers rapped about nice things? Like, Girl Im gonna take your clothes off. and hang them neatly in the closet, yeeaah. I laughed way too hard at this.

Housework Humor

E-card: You know the feeling where you want to clean the house all day and cook a huge meal for dinner? Yeah, me either.

I wish! by jeanie

I wish! by jeanie

Your crazy is still showing  #mental

Funny Breakup Ecard: Just remember son, there isn't enough make-up in the world to cover up crazy. Not even COVER GIRL

I met one of the original marketers of Crocs before they were sold in the U.S. and basically said this same thing.  Of course Crocs got the last laugh...

Funny Quotes About Working, Owning and Running a Business

Let's ask the Christian president of a restaurant chain that isn't open on Sunday his views on gay marriage and act suprised and outraged when we don't like his answer.

Just sayin. Why is everyone so outraged? His opinion doesn't make gay marriage illegal so why get so angry? Can only certain ppl have an opinion? Just bc he's the owner of chik fil a, he gets crap.

Here's to all my inked up friends that make fun of me and call me chicken for never getting one!  HA!  Go on with your bumper sticker selves!

In my defense ;) When people ask me why I don't have any tattoos I ask them "would you put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari?" Funny sayings / jokes / ecards