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Urban jungle in Antwerp - An Online Magazine - ALL ITEMS LOADED

The Ultimate Urban Oasis, in the Middle of Antwerp - ficus growing up a wall to a second floor terrace via Gardenista

Simple gardening // urban jungle in Antwerp…

Simple gardening // urban jungle in Antwerp…

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My dream dining Room                     Okay so this is probably 'the one' for me. I don't think a dining room could ever wow me as mu...

The wonderful home of.... Wilbert

Lavender-1. Space Out Plants  Make sure you set the plants 12 to 18 inches apart in an open area to increase sun and good circulation. Great tip from Bonnie Plants.  10 Simple Tricks for Growing Lavendar

7 Simple Tips for Growing Lavender - Page 2 of 8

Shrubby perennial grown for flowers and fragrance, also ability to stand heat as landscape plant. Grow herbs and flowers in containers in a small urban garden.

Introducing New Worlds With A Shrug

Wilbert exchanges cuttings with friends and saves plants that people abandon on the street. Say hello to Wilbert and Johanna's amazing cit.

Moon to Moon: “He who plants a garden plants happiness”

Interior Earthship Images-aquaponics integrated into buildings that are completely self sufficient in power, heat/cooling, water from the sky, and food. Off the grid.

Decorate with a collection of indoor plants, art and natural baskets

A Stunning Amsterdam Loft Guaranteed To Make You A Bit Jealous