Steve Young-- a bootlegger of a QB

Steve Young was MVP of the Super Bowl 17 years ago when my son was in my tummy! When my son was 8 months old he received a special blessing from Steve Young as he was an old friend of mine.

Steve Young, San Francisco 49ers

Steve Young, class act. I have him on video telling young men at church to obey me.

49er Nation SF Niners San Francisco 49ERS Niners for Life! Hall of Famer Steve Young

Faithful Niner Empire SF Niners San Francisco Niners for Life! Hall of Famer Steve Young

Steve Young, 49ers quarterback 1987 to 1999. Description from I searched for this on

Most Electrifying QBs of All Time

Steve Young & Jerry Rice  -- LOVE these two!!!!!

NFL History: Top 50 QB-WR Tandems of All-Time