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One for all in a Nutshell - ft. Morgana

First of all i want to make clear that i didn't report anyone at the end. But i did feel really bad during the game, because Morgana is such a dickhead champ.

Lee Sin in a Nutshell 2

Lee Sin is a super OP champion if you can manage to do the insest insec plays. And this game i was alone in the jungle without a stupid Kindred.

Darius vs Ward // Road 2 Gold #21

Darius vs Ward // Road 2 Gold #21

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Ekko-One for all in a Nutshell

Ekko in one for all is very fun and interesting. That might be because this was my first one for all game in a long time. I can't wait to try out other champ.

Rumble in a Nutshell

Rumble in a Nutshell 1