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Darius vs Ward // Road 2 Gold #21

Darius vs Ward // Road 2 Gold #21

One for all in a Nutshell - Katarina

Katarina in one for all is pretty messed up. Considering the amount of dammage one kata does. The game was really hard in the first 30 min.

Garen in a Nutshell

Garen is the biggest whore in the entire League of Legends. He is so tanky that you will never kill him, and yet he deals a shitload of damage.

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Lee Sin in a Nutshell 2

Lee Sin is a super OP champion if you can manage to do the insest insec plays. And this game i was alone in the jungle without a stupid Kindred.

Riven is the best champion you can play if you want to win every single game from level 1 to level But once you get to the higher elos. People will know .