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Geeks and Nerds of the world REJOICE! Mashable has confirmed it You are more likely to connect with games than dating sites!

Why 'World of Warcraft' Might Get You More Dates Than Match.com [INFOGRAPHIC]

'Pulp Fiction' Infographic Puts Things in Order, Beautifully Sort of Complicates Things - This is a Pulp Fiction poster, designed by Noah Daniel Smith, that stylishly lays the Quentin Tarantino film's disjointed narrative out in chronological order. If you were to print it out and die, it would also work well as a board game to teach your kid about gimps, murder, and ass-watches. They're never too young to learn. Have a look at the full thing.

Noah Smith is raising funds for Pulp Fiction Infographic Poster on Kickstarter! X Pulp Fiction in Chronological Order Infographic Poster.

and still fighting nowadays<< did they just use a hetalia comment?

A manly rivalry. The rosbiff insult is actually a legit French insult (to the English)

Are You Addicted To The Internet? | Infographic

Are You Addicted To The Internet?

Awesome Poland ^^

Awesome Poland

Hahaha I want these... xD

Hmmm now what to WEAR with those things lol - World of Warcraft Horde Shoes UK by ChicUniqueGeek on Etsy Wedding Heels for when I get married!

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Plan of Kawaii. r/polandball. You look a bit weirder and more soft than since the last time we Must be side effect vem on mamas’ men Japan kawaii desu

Mario Bros

I've been playing the old Mario Bros. games and thought this would be a cool t-shirt design. Mario: PowerUp T-Shirt

World of Warcraft. LOL. Truth.

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Video games type vs. time needed to enjoy it... nice chart indeed :)

The Videogame Entertainment Curve

Video Game Entertainment Curve - Time Needed to Properly Enjoy Them

Gaming Then and Now!

Gaming: Then vs. Now [Pic]

9 times out of 10, one or more people drop group when they realize they're in the Oculus

9 times out of one or more people drop group when they realize they're in the Oculus. Worth the penalty