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1999 London - "Mr. Unknown sped back into the house and grabbed his video camera. He was hoping to film the UFO before it disappeared, but instead he filmed what he claimed to be a type of small, ghost-like beings who seemed to be rummaging around behind his fence. The total length of the film was about four (4) minutes. The strange beings made a sound which was barely audible, and somewhat muffled. The sounds of the small beings had attracted him to the area. Mr Unknown was frank in…

Unknown was awakened by a sound in the middle of the night. He went outside and filmed what he claimed to be a type of small ghost-like being.

"yeah park in that disabled spot, morty. anything with less than 8 legs is considered disabled here"


∆ cutting class through the first floor window he's driving fast cause he never did a thing slow ∆

Earth girls are easy

Earth girls are easy


Pink series-- "Sanskrit has ninety-six words for love; ancient Persian has eighty; and English simply one." - Robert Johnson, The Fisher King and The Handless Maiden.