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Centuries of traditional cheese making - The Big Picture - Boston.com

Centuries of traditional cheese making

Lega del Cane: “A Pasqua festeggiate con un menu cruelty-free”

Our World's View & Positively Beautiful Mother sheep and a lamb standing together at the barn entrance. Love the mother-child bond.

~~ Beautiful Lamb photography ~~

Marxist: this picture is Marxist because the baby represents the delicate undeveloped nature of a capitalistic economy therefore rendering that type of economy as a bad idea. Lennie is unaware of the harm he is causing to his best friend George.

Jumping for...!

Seasons bring variety, but is that what you want?

happy baby goat farm-life wrote another pinner! I live on a farm with goats! Thats a fudging sheep!

There's no need to exploit and harm someone for your own pleasure or profit. ALL animals -- human AND nonhuman -- have the inherent rights not to be treated as someone's property or used/exploited for someone else's interests. We rob others of those rights and steal what isn't ours. We harm those who mean us no harm. If you wouldn't want to be treated like that, then don't do it to someone else! www.vegankit.com & http://www.peacefulprairie.org/humane-myth01.html & www.humanemyth.org

Your pictures: Rain

Wendy Stone: "Why does it always rain on me? This was taken through the car window near Derwent Water in the Lake District.

lamb and ewe

Lincoln Longwool sheep = Woodlands Farm in Lincolnshire via The English Gardener: Veg Boxes.


Farm fashion on Miss Moss · photographed by nina leen from the life magazine archives, date unknown.

Sheep by Frey

my wild Irish lawn mower, Maudie Blanche . photo by Monica Roberts - white lamb