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Prouvé RAW: la moda muestra el diseño de mobiliario en Ny

Jean Prouve furnitures by G Star RAW for Vitra Jean Prouvé furnitures by G Star RAW for Vitra

フランス最大のインテリア見本市「メゾン&オブジェ」レポート | Fashionsnap.com


“British designer Lee Broom has entirely transformed his East London studio into the Crystal Bulb Shop for the London Design Festival - a general store complete with sawdust floor, mahogany counter.

JAPANTEX2010 TOSOブース | 店舗設計デザイン、展示会デザイン|東京・日本橋|株式会社デザインカフェ

‘Sublation’is a concept proposed by the German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel in his dialectic, whereby the appearance of the new and the denial of the old does not lead to the complete abandonment of the latter, rather that some elements.