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New exhibition in Children's Book Museum in the Hague. Room's upcycled walls are made from books, which also includes interactive media and games that encourage kids to cultivate a love for reading and writing.

Platvorm's Papiria Upcycled Book Wall Encourages Kids to Read and Write

オランダのハーグにある「The Children’s Book Museum」が、素晴らしい展覧会を企画しました。アムステルダムのエージェンシー、PlatvormのGrob Enzoによってデザインされたこちらの図書館。    壁一面が本によって構成されており、本だけでなく、インタラクティブメディアや、ゲームなども含まれており、それらが子供たちの「読み書き」することへの気持ちを高めています。    内装は氷の洞窟を感じるようなデザインになっており、対照的に赤く深い峡谷と白い木をイメージしたものが形作られています。各所にインタラクションのあるスクリーンが設置されていて、さまざまなレベルの座って、読むスペースが作られています。    展覧会の開催期間を通して、様々な言葉が壁に書かれていくのですが、「インクを食べてしまう人」と呼ばれる悪者が、壁に書かれた文字を削っていってしまいます。子供たちはそのいたずらをおいかけて、言葉が破壊されていってしまうのを防ぐべく、本を読んだり、タッチスクリーンやインタラクティブなコンピューターを使用して、自分で考えたストーリーや詩を書いていきます。…

Papiria, an exhibition at the Children's Book Museum in the Hague, designed by the Platvorm agency and Grob Enzo, the exhibition features upcycled walls made from books, in addition to interactive

ludoteca arquitectura - Buscar con Google

Child's Play: Arthur Casas Designs A Rainbow Twisted Kids Book Den for Saraiva

Louvre Abu Dhabi: Jean Nouvel designed museum opens in the United Arab Emirates.

The first official photographs of the Jean Nouvel-designed Louvre Abu Dhabi have been released ahead of the art museum's public opening on Saturday.

ドイツの図書館  germany library


Stuttgart Modern Library, Bibliothek 21 -- so sad that they built this *after* I went there!just an excuse to go back!

Public art, fun multi-sensory interactive installation located at the entrance to King's Cross Station, London

2940 yellow and black plastic spheres across a wall made up the fun and engaging interactive pop-up installation at London’s King’s Cross station called Song Board. Designed by the students at Central Saint Martins University of the Arts in London

Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku by Autoban

Autoban's new interior at Baku's Heydar Aliyev International Airport is a sleek departure

The interior of Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku, Azerbaijan, designed by Turkish firm Autoban overturns the conventions of airport design.

Inspired by the tree as a symbol of growth and development, Baukind brings the outdoors in by designing a kindergarten for the Berlin based organisation –  which is specialised in pedagogics and education for the deaf. Together with Atelier Perela, the team designed a colour concept and animal characters that correspond to and live around the root, trunk and crown of trees.

Kita Sinneswandel by Baukind

The Architecture of Early Childhood: Children roam amongst colourful critters at this new kindergarten designed by Baukind

Madison Public Library down town. Wall of reading nooks for children.

Colourful Personal Pods for Reading - Madison Public Library down town. Wall of reading nooks for children.

BUY ALL THE THINGS!!! I wish I could purchase tons of neat reading furniture!

Sheffield School Interior Design - Decorating Children's Rooms - Library- I would use this now, get this for me pweeeeeease!