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Antique Italian Italy Post Mortem Photo of Young Boy    THIS ONE IS QUITE DISTURBING!

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Postmortem of blond-haired child in all white, holding flowers to symbolize child has passed on, with hands clasped. He/She looks just like an angel.

Memorial photography seems morbid to us today, but in the most could not afford photography, and only spent the money when they were desperate to capture a photo of their loved one before burying them forever.

Victorian Post mortem Kind of creepy w/ a smile & blank eyes. Still very sad to see this small child has died.

Claimed to be a post mortem, but this is really a 'hidden mother' photo of a blue-eyed child who appears to have a cleft palette or other physical problem. Notice the hands covered in fabric holding him in position?

8 former slaves, 5 children (4 of "White" complexion) and 3 adults sent on tour of north to raise funds/support for African American schools.

The 'white' slave children of New Orleans: Images of pale mixed-race slaves used to drum up sympathy among wealthy donors in 1860s

1863 or 1864 - 8 former slaves toured northern states to raise money for African-American schools in New Orleans, used 4 children with mixed-race ancestry & pale complexions to evoke sympathy - Charles Taylor, Rebecca Huger, Rosina Downs & Augusta Broujey

Family posed with a deceased young child arranged at her mother's feet. So sadly sweet how the child is resting her head on her mother's knee.

17 Haunting Post-Mortem Photographs From The 1800s

Post-Mortem Photography, Victorian Era.

Victorian Post Mortem Tintypes The deceased were immortalized in photographs during the Victorian era. Victorian After-Death Photos Still Haunt

ca. 1840-50s. A dramatically lit horizontal postmortem image of a tiny baby placed upon the aproned lap of a black woman, only her hands visible to signify her race. A superb, and cerebral image, that speaks volumes of the complex interrelationships between slaves and masters in the Antebellum south.

[post mortem daguerreotype portrait of a child, cradled in arms of a woman], W. Pratt “ A dramatically lit horizontal post-mortem image of a tiny baby placed upon the aproned lap of.